Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Boots

I made a poor choice in boots last year when I bought some low top Colombia hiking boots that weren't waterproof and, in retrospect, weren't very stylish. If the opportunity arose to go out after work, I was stuck looking like a 50 year old professor. This is no knock against Colombia, they make great boots for low temperatures, but again, I chose wrong.

So, this year I wanted to change. Yellow Timberland boots are a solid choice; they are water proof, tough, but the suede gets dingy easily, and many places have a dress code against them, and I'm too old to be turned away at the door because of that! I decided to go with leather; its waterproof, you polish it and go, plus you don't have to worry about brushing suede etc.

This year Timberland has release new styles that don't look "Timberland-ish" The Earthkeepers series is made with recycled leather soles and are less of a stigma than regular Timbs.

The Earthkeepers™ City 6" Boot

Earthkeepers™ Collection 6" Boot

I like both of these in brown. They will look good in jeans, and when I have to clean the snow off my car. See more here.


Morgan D. said...

I just found this out recently, but Timberland has always been on the greener side, they just recently started marketing that fact.

I suggest snow boots with a fluffy fleece lining. Don't know if they make them for men though.

Dee O. said...

love these boots, especially the first ones


Stan said...

Hello Morgan D and Dee O.! thanks for your comments.

No, no man is going to wear "fluffy fleece" lol. and they shouldn't make them for men!

These are Timberlands; they must have granite on the inside! Joking, but men usually don't want fluff sticking out of their boots. Reminds us too much of Uggs.

Cole Haan and Lands End both make a style duck boot with warm fleece inside, that is as close as I'll get.

Karina Assunção said...

Eu comprei um coturno pra mim, esses dias!!
I bought an army boots to me these days!