Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Talk - Photographers and TFCD

I come home from work at 630pm tired, frustrated, looking to only sit on the couch and catch whatever NBA game is on when I see this on Instagram...
...and I have to go!

I arrive late, plus I didn't know how to enter the building (what entrance to use) and then what room it was in, but I found my way and entered a veritable mob style meeting of Philly's most talented photographers and make up artists in one room.

I sat and listened as Dodge P and Basil Malik played good cop/bad cop regarding the differences between working for free, testing models, the negatives of doing "time for" in you business, not getting paid your worth, how inexperienced models and photogs damage the industry with poor business practices. The debates went on and on. Some with resolutions, some to be continued.

Very interesting.

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