Friday, August 6, 2010

New Marsha Ambrosius

I'm so excited! I just caught the buzz about this new song from one of my favorite vocalists, Marsha Ambrosius. I have loved her work as a member of Floetry, and guest vocalist on rap hooks (especially Why You Hate The Game. From the 5:50 mark, she Kills this track!!)

I also cannot believe her stunning new, thinner look on the single's cover. Why is it all of my favorite larger women are losing weight, and the ones I want to get smaller aren't? Ah...a subject for another time.

The song title "Hope She Cheats on You (With a basketball player)" is a little long and reality show-like, but it grabs the attention of scorned women like its supposed to.

Marsha rockin' a sample of it live. I love the ad libs!

I can't wait for her upcoming album this fall.

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Amanda said...

She looks terrific! I can't wait to hear her new work.