Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Lens: Felicia

Well, I'm still doing a bad job of posting my own photo work. You'd think that after all the trouble I go through trying to find and schedule models that I would be screaming about new shoots from the mountain tops, (and I do) but not on here.

Anyway, Felicia is one of the girls I thought got away; I approached her at an event early in the summer about shooting, and she seemed interested but I never heard from her again. 2 months later she called me with free time, so we hooked up.

She's a ballet dancer, and you can tell because she has amazing legs and moves so gracefully.

Felicia also has a great sense of style, so it was easy picking outfits. I can't wait to shoot with her again.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Birthday 2010

The mess the next day.

Man I had a really good time at my party last weekend. I'm still eating the massive amount of foood leftover and smiling happily at all of the liquor that was given to me, and the ones I didn't get a chance to open.

I'm so glad I got talked into it, especially since I got sick this week!! What's worse than being sick on your birthday? I don't know how it happened, maybe when I was trying to break into a car at 2:30am, maybe when my shirt got ripped, I don't know...

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Pre Birthday Party 2010

I didn't want to have a party.

If I had a party and no one showed up I would have been very disappointed (like last year). I was convinced to throw my 1st ever adult birthday "get together" and have a few close friends over to drink, chill out, and lessen the blow of turning 30++

I subcontracted out for food; my friend Bruce flexed his culinary muscles on hamburger sliders, my sister and my ex-girlfriend contributed many dishes that were delicious!

I handled the drink menu. I served an Apple Martini, Long Island Iced Tea and two other mixes. Originally I wanted to have a different drink every hour, but as the guests numbers increased, I followed Carl's suggestion that I enjoy myself, instead of "working" at my own party.

Good advice!

I was also resident DJ, playing a mix I created (and borrowed! Shout out to Lee Jones, Davidson Ospina and Oscar P for hooking my party up!) I had so much fun!

I was really glad that my beautiful cousin Morgan (between my two nephews) was able to come up from Florida. I wish she brought some of her model girlfriends with her!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Naomi Campbell Kills People

Naomi Campbell has gone all Hostel on us in the new German issue of GQ, photographed by Solve Sundsbo. In the photos, she appears to torture a tattooed Russian mobster while looking fierce in her black evening gown.

This creative concept was probably influenced by the 2007 film Eastern Promises, featuring Viggo Mortensen looking very much the part.

There are so many creative movie-inspired concepts for shoots I want to do, but I often don't know where to begin, mainly with where to shoot. (where the hell are they?) I can't let that stop me though. I've got to step it up!

Props to photographer Samuel Eli for bringing this to my attention!