Thursday, April 26, 2012

The New Catwalk Queens: 12 Brown Models You Need to Know

Tyra Banks, Selita Banks, Naomi Campbell.

These were the only names I knew when it comes to high profile fashion supermodels of color, so I found this article on Style Blazer about the new generation of women ripping up the runway and creating some excellent print work.

Read more about who's who on Style Blazer

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Black Girls

I came across this video by Chester French called Black Girls and found it to be interesting visually; The contrast of light and dark skin and exposure, plus the obvious sexuality.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Lens: Kate Jacobs

So, after scouting the place out yesterday, today was the shoot! Despite running behind as usual, I got good ass parking and met Kate there. She was as friendly and personable as I remember, which was good considering that the last time I saw her was New Years Eve 2010. I had reached out to her with the idea on facebook, but we couldn't coordinate schedules.

After talking for a few minutes, she began to display the personality and sense of humor that inspired me to do this shoot last year. Kate is hilarious.

Since this was my first shoot of the year, I added another "first" by story boarding the shoot out, a suggestion I learned watching a Matthew Jordan Smith Workshop months ago. I created it last minute while I looked at my prep photos from Friday. I wanted to showcase Kate's, and some of the Margot & Camille Optique's, frames in beauty and editorial style look.

I usually keep that stuff in my head, but storyboarding it out was a really good idea. I didn't stick to it exactly, but it really helped to remind me of what my original ideas were, and what to do next. It helped me focus between talking to Kate, thinking about camera settings, and dodging customers who were shopping while were were shooting.

These were a couple of the images. More to come!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First shoot of 2012- Kate Jacobs + Planning

For the first time, I'm going to document my photo shoot process, from beginning to end. I'm already behind, but that's okay!  Hahaha.

Anyway, I made plans to shoot with Kate Jacobs on Saturday, April 14th at Margot & Camille Optique, an eye wear store. So I asked the owner, Valerie Vittu, a very pleasant and very French lady, if I could come down and case the place, and she agreed. 

Turns out it was a beautifully designed store in Olde City. I took shots of the place because I wasn't sure of the layout, how big it was, how much light there was, and where we would be setting up. 

Visiting answered all of my questions. The place has huge windows to let in plenty of light, so I changed my idea of how I planned on lighting Kate. My original lighting concept was kind of like an eyeglass beauty ad; bright, slightly overexposed, and to shoot her mainly from the collarbone up, but with so much natural light (my favorite) coming in from everywhere, I had to use it. I thought of some editorial style photos I could take, using Kate's stash, and taking some of Valerie's stuff off the shelves. 

I'm glad that I took the time so I didn't have to guess tomorrow.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hallmark Cards Just Got Fly

Super creative friend of mine Andrea Pippins has a Hallmark card released this month based on her I Love My Hair T shirt and poster design.

Released under their Mahogany line. Go Andrea!

Visit her and see more of her work at flygirls

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lost in Translation - Aputure Trigmaster

I was looking to add another receiver to my el cheapo ebay set, but I was concerned about quality control; when I bought another receiver, they changed the size of the plug on me ( 3mm to 6.3 mm). It was easy to get an adapter from Radioshack, but I didn't like the extra effort I had to go through.

A few months ago, I heard about Aputure Trigmaster wireless flash triggers. They seemed interesting and had a lot of features; the Trigmaster Plus is a transmitter and receiver in one. The price was also pretty good for me, since I don't mind telling you I cannot afford the PocketWizards, the industry standard.

However, It wouldn't be my life if it didn't contain some drama. I ordered these 3 packages (above) from a company in China in January. By early February, I still hadn't received them yet. US Secret Service must've confiscated them or something. Fortunately, their customer service dept was on the case, and despite contacting them with the time difference (day and night) I notified them and they resent the order.

I was so glad that the Trigmasters are backwards compatible; that enabled me to use the Trigmaster with the Trigmaster Plus model, so now I have 2 transmitters and 3 receivers. Yes!

So far, I've tested them doing some lighting practice, with my Lumopro Flash head. I was glad not to have to run back and forth to the camera so much.

Yeah...I'm still practicing!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photographer Matthew James Arthur Payne

They say Luck is Preparation Meets Opportunity, and that is the case with UK photographer Matthew James Arthur Payne, who is 18 years old and got the opportunity to shoot with Kanye West and Cassie during his visit to Paris Fashion Week. Now He's working with Kanye on his Fall line, and shooting top models.

You give me inspiration to be at the right place at the right time, and to be ready when called upon. I salute you sir.

See more of his work at  Matthew JA Payne