Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Get Used To Hearing “NO”.

Something I can relate to a little too much..
If you’re already a professional photographer or filmmaker, then you know that you had to hear a lot of “no” for every “yes”. If you’re not yet a pro, or perhaps more importantly if you are a pro whose enjoyed a taste of success, then hear this: Get Used To Hearing “No”.

But this isn’t a bad thing. “No” serves several functions.

1. Let “no” serve as a motivator.
If you don’t win a gig from an agency or a magazine, if you lose it to another photographer, vow to win the next one. Make a plan for how to do it different, better than you did last time. Make new photos, prepare, hone your vision, whatever it takes.

2. Let “no” keep out the other people who don’t want it as bad as you do. Remember, when you’re hearing “no”, so is almost everyone else. When other artists hear “no” too much, they quit, defeated, never to return again. Don’t let that be you. When you hear “no”, let it remind you of this little post

Read more here at Chase Jarvis' blog.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Time Flying...

It happens every year; the event I call the "Summertime Speed Up", where time starts flying mid June, and doesn't stop until August 31st, or whenever you start school. Before you know it, the summer months shoot by while you were busy working, complaining about the heat, taking care of kids, and you didn't take advantage of it.

I'm in the midst of it now as I'm trying to redesign this blog, organize some photo shoots, take care of my health, work, and have fun in the warm weather all at the same time.

I'll be posting some upcoming photos from my last shoot with Abram Tymeek.