Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sexy New Year - Beyonce Vs. Megan

Lucky me! As soon as I saw the cover to the January issue of GQ magazine, I had to have it! My girl Beyoncé in all her post baby glory. Then my Esquire February issue was delivered to my door with sexy Megan Fox. So lets battle!

I love Beyonce, luuuuv her, but I'm not happy with the styling of this shot. I know its supposed to be "football fan girlfriend" inspired, but I've seen her look much better than this with more style, more imagination. She doesn't need to be naked like Rhianna was, but what Bey does, she does, big; its better than wearing what practically any girl would wear on the cover of Maxim.

I admit, the man in me is satisfied with seeing those thighs, stomach, and under boob (always a favorite) and says to "hell with any thoughts of style or concept", just be glad you're seeing this much of her. But I have always sought inspiration from magazine covers as what the industry considers beautiful, professional photography, and I strive to attain it. Looking at published work that seems to have flaws in it stuns me.
The photos inside are much much better, especially on the contents pages. Props to Terry Richardson

 This is the photo (or one like it) that should have been the cover, but hey, what do I know?

Now, onto the sultry (if not troublesome) Megan Fox.

I'm not sure what happened to make them chose this shot for the cover. If I took this shot of any non-celebrity girl and sent it in, I'd get laughed out of submission.

The expression is, eh. The pose is, still, eh. It looks like one of those "in between" shots I don't show the model because I don't want them acting funny after seeing themselves look weird.  I'm also not sure why they wanted the red-around-the-eyes-sleep-deprived look. Not her best pic.

I love Megan Fox's eyes, facial expressions, and that long, beautiful black/brown hair, but it was all nullified here. Yet, same as Beyonce, much better, cover worthy shots lie inside.

 You can't tell me that either one of these would have made a better cover than the shot above!

Well I don't work for GQ or Esquire. I have my own non-celebrity shoots to do, and a new portfolio of portraits to build this year, so I will take my opinions and use them on myself that I don't make any of the above "mistakes"

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

I was lucky enough to spend this New Years Eve with good friends (Bruce and Andrea) and much better health. We had a strange, hilarious, somewhat chaotic night (aren't they all?) but it ended well (eating at Darlings Diner with the rest of the city) staying up all night, and I found $10 laying on the ground. I'll hold it until someone claims it.

 The next day we found a new spot downtown Green Eggs Cafe (I don't know how Andrea does it!) that served amazing food! I must go back for those Red Velvet pancakes.

Although I had my point and shoot with me, I took most of my photos with my iphone.