Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Talk - Photographers and TFCD

I come home from work at 630pm tired, frustrated, looking to only sit on the couch and catch whatever NBA game is on when I see this on Instagram...
...and I have to go!

I arrive late, plus I didn't know how to enter the building (what entrance to use) and then what room it was in, but I found my way and entered a veritable mob style meeting of Philly's most talented photographers and make up artists in one room.

I sat and listened as Dodge P and Basil Malik played good cop/bad cop regarding the differences between working for free, testing models, the negatives of doing "time for" in you business, not getting paid your worth, how inexperienced models and photogs damage the industry with poor business practices. The debates went on and on. Some with resolutions, some to be continued.

Very interesting.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Vogue Magazine Cover 2013 Rooney Mara

Barely recognizable as the goth/alternative version in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, actress Rooney Mara looks so natural on the cover, and I love the lighting on her face.

I'm looking to develop my lighting style, and the one light, lit on one side/other side in shadow is an aesthetic I enjoy. I've tried this before with Kaya's shoot years ago, and I'm working to get better with this type of light. I think Kaya could pull off Rooney's pose and expressionless face, don't you? 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Elle Magazine Cover 2013 - Taylor Swift

This cover caught my attention. She has been on a number of magazine covers in 2013,  but the Elle is my favorite.

I love the way Taylor Swift photographs. She looks so natural and easy, not like some celebrities that look uncomfortable in front of the camera. Taylor works it, from the body to the eyes.

I'm dying to shoot my own version. My lighting style so far hasn't included the bright glamour look, but I'd like to try it, and I know who I think I can contact on facebook to pull it off.

Stay tuned and hopefully I can make it happen!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Artist Mixer 2013 - MUAs

Funny I still felt nervous walking in, like entering a high school lunchroom with the cool kids. The last mixer I attended, I was hesitant and distracted. This time I feel more like myself. Being at these events makes me want to try harder to do more of my art, and fight for it through the regular job grind.

I came out to see Bethany Bell's work, and get inspired from the creativity in the place.
Model Eliza (left) was more attractive in real life than on facebook.

 I ran into the usual suspects; talented photographers Jasen, Aaron, Nik C, Joshua Black, Larry Wright, Andrea Harper, and I met another photog Kyron of DVS photography (who tried to hide!)
Social lubricant was also a help!

The best part of the night was talking with a new stylist and Joshua about reality tv, creating a better photography reality show, the mistake of buying too much equipment, it went on and on!

Check out the work of:

Jasen Hudson
Larry Wright 
Aaron Stallworth
Joshua Black
Nik C 
DVS Photography
Bethany Bell
Andrea Harper

Friday, March 1, 2013

RawArtists Discovery 2013

I'm always happy to get out of the night job and attend the Raw Natural Born Artists events, this one at a new larger venue.
I came to see the work of Sylvia Sepulveda, a talented boudoir photographer, in person.

I saw some amazing make up artist work via the models walking around, I met a few other photographers, a couple fine artists.

Theron Cook, whose multiple meaning, layered work reminded me of my friend Ron Young.

This singers look was so Deadwood-esque, I had to photograph him.
Photographer Darren Burton.