Thursday, June 30, 2011

KING Magazine June 2011 - Amber Rose Cover

When I see Amber Rose, 3 thoughts come to mind...

I have yet to hear Amber Rose's voice. I have never heard her talk in 2 years.

How did she is stay famous without Kanye, and without ever doing anything other than modeling.

Why does she look disinterested in some of her photos? Like she's going through the motions, but doesn't really care.

I swore off KING when they switched from an editorial mag to a pictorial one. KING was our "Black GQ" and I was angry with its loss...and yet I still couldn't stay away from this book.

Once I saw the photos inside I had to have it. I loved the slightly overexposed lighting and the natural looking muted make up. This was shot by photographer Charlie Langella, and he really brought the best of out of her. This shoot was very different than most of the photo sets I've seen of her. She looks adorable and sexy without the usual pin up girl "posing."

Ok Amber, you got my attention again!

Monday, June 27, 2011

2 Years...Remembering Micheal Jackson

Since the death of the King of Pop, I have always played a mix created by DJ Lil Dave, of Eavesdrop Radio. I love the album cover in my ipod and you get a lot of variety, including the new version (without of PYT and Eyrkah Badu's and the Roots version of I Wanna Be Where You Are

This goes perfect with watching all of Micheal's creative music videos all weekend.

Listen and download here

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

American Dreaming Magazine Cover May 2011

I though this was an interesting treatmnet for a cover. It made me stop and read it, and wonder about my next doctor's appointment

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glamour Magazine Cover: Olivia Wilde

There are so many nice magazine covers this month!

Actress Olivia Wilde is on the cover of the June issue of Glamour magazine. The media loves her; I know her name, but don't remember her in anything I've seen. Olivia changes her look so dramatically I never recognize her. Not even in Tron: Legacy.
I loved the blown out background against her pale skin, the pop of color in her red shorts and lipstick and the causal expression on her face. I must learn how to direct models to look so natural!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Penn Relays 2011

I've been disappointed going the Penn Relays the past few years. Why? because I haven't been getting good seats.

I have no one to blame but myself. I know the Penn Relays are coming every April. So why don't I get good seats so I can be close to the action?

The same reason I can't run in the Relays; because I'm slow as hell. I bought a $40 ticket so I could almost be "Bill Cosby close", like I was that glorious year in 2006. I almost didn't have to use a zoom lens to capture athletes running by me. But I was slow this year; by the time I got to the stadium, all the seats were taken, I had to walk up higher and higher till I was practically sitting with the "commoners" in the $20 seats.

I won't make that mistake next year. I'm getting a press pass so I can get on the field and up close with the Olympians.

Nike had their tent in the courtyard inside and it featured stations where you could have your photo taken on the track, customize your own sneakers or track jacket, and even get a shape up. Only in Philly.

Inside the Studio 2011 - ?uestlove

In May I was excited to attend another session of Inside the Studio with The Roots drummer Amir "Questlove" Thompson. Since I love his music, writing, wit, and personality, I knew he would make for an interesting interview.

Shout out to Stacy Flygirl Wilson and her team (Laiya, Afrodjiak) for giving me interesting things to do on a Sunday night.

Read more at ItsTheLife

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vanity Fair June Issue: Katy Perry

I love Katy Perry. She has a lot of personality, and seems ready with a smart answer for anything you might say. She is on the cover of June's Vanity Fair, beating out Gwen Stefani (barely) in the pale-skin-red-lipstick category. She is so energetic, yet sexy in a girl next door type of way.

Katy is shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz in Paris, France.

French Playboy: Photography and Layouts

I found these page spreads of French Playboy, the Black Issue courtesy of Craig at KMBA a few months ago but never posted.

Leave it to the Europeans to showcase women of color in a way America doesn't.

I almost wrote that without laughing. I know the "Black Issue" is nothing more than a marketing ploy after Vogue Italia dropped a couple years ago, showing that you can feature more than 1 black model, and they can sell out an entire issue.

Though the ladies are a more slender than I'd like to see (like runway models), they are beautiful. What caught my eye was the use of color and typography in these spreads. The 70's typeface is a nice touch. the photography and styling are excellent; what you would expect from the Playboy brand.

No matter how women of color find their way to the pages, I love to see them shot and styled well, clothed or otherwise, without looking like rap video rejects. I would like to see more effort put into making them look beautiful.