Friday, June 10, 2011

Penn Relays 2011

I've been disappointed going the Penn Relays the past few years. Why? because I haven't been getting good seats.

I have no one to blame but myself. I know the Penn Relays are coming every April. So why don't I get good seats so I can be close to the action?

The same reason I can't run in the Relays; because I'm slow as hell. I bought a $40 ticket so I could almost be "Bill Cosby close", like I was that glorious year in 2006. I almost didn't have to use a zoom lens to capture athletes running by me. But I was slow this year; by the time I got to the stadium, all the seats were taken, I had to walk up higher and higher till I was practically sitting with the "commoners" in the $20 seats.

I won't make that mistake next year. I'm getting a press pass so I can get on the field and up close with the Olympians.

Nike had their tent in the courtyard inside and it featured stations where you could have your photo taken on the track, customize your own sneakers or track jacket, and even get a shape up. Only in Philly.

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