Thursday, June 9, 2011

French Playboy: Photography and Layouts

I found these page spreads of French Playboy, the Black Issue courtesy of Craig at KMBA a few months ago but never posted.

Leave it to the Europeans to showcase women of color in a way America doesn't.

I almost wrote that without laughing. I know the "Black Issue" is nothing more than a marketing ploy after Vogue Italia dropped a couple years ago, showing that you can feature more than 1 black model, and they can sell out an entire issue.

Though the ladies are a more slender than I'd like to see (like runway models), they are beautiful. What caught my eye was the use of color and typography in these spreads. The 70's typeface is a nice touch. the photography and styling are excellent; what you would expect from the Playboy brand.

No matter how women of color find their way to the pages, I love to see them shot and styled well, clothed or otherwise, without looking like rap video rejects. I would like to see more effort put into making them look beautiful.

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