Monday, May 24, 2010

Complex Magazine: MIA?

Okay, now that I have recovered from watching LOST last night, I turn my attention to eye catching magazine layouts.

Complex Magazine, who has not sent me the Olivia Munn April/May issue yet, (Come on!!!) just released the new June/July issue featuring post-baby M.I.A on the cover, looking good.

I was so busy looking at her face and her dynamic pose that I didn't notice the magazine feature titles woven in her dress.

Props to Kanye's Blog for this find.

Come on Complex! Get on the ball send me my damn issues!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Last episode tonight. I'm sad to see it go

Intelligent storytelling at its best.

Nuff Said

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rittenhouse Food Festival 2010

I must really be slipping, because I forgot to post about one of my favorite things, eating!

Saturday May 1st was the Rittenhouse Food Festival, where all of Walnut Streets' restaurants (and other vendors) provided samples of their menus. I did not know such an amazing thing existed, or I would have went every year

I nearly lost it, as my favorite Vodka released a new (and appropriate) orange flavor. French Martini, here I come!

The crab cake hamburgers were really good

I would have stayed downtown later if my feet didn't hurt so bad from playing basketball earlier in the afternoon.

The Mixtape T Shirt

I love his mixtape shirt, and despite getting an ipod, I still have many tapes that look just like this. The design is by the talented illustrator Jeremy Fish, whose work (as well as website) is detailed as it is bizarre and surreal.

Shout out to Digital Gravel for always trying to have the hottest shirts, just not always in stock! A few hundred people beat me to this...


I friend told me one time "You take great photographs but no one ever sees them" and he's right (about the "not seeing" part, I'm still a work in progress). I never really post any of my photos, designs, or experiments on my own blog.

So...let me put some stuff out there and get some feedback

Friday, May 7, 2010

Banksy: Exit Through The Gift Shop

My co worker James told me about this guy Banksy and his street art. I got off from work and looked him up and I love it!

The subject matter in Banksy's illustrations vary, social commentary (seems like his favorite) to just plain fun. The locations where he chooes to feature his work are amazingly open where everyone can see them.

I'm going to have to make time to see his new film Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Its a shame I've never been good at tagging or graf writing.

See more about the film at

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ashley Graham-Too Big, Too Sexy

I'm a little late writing about this.

Plus sized model Ashley Graham was at the center of controversy when her lane Bryant commercial was banned (well, edited for content) by ABC for being too racy.

Seeing this makes me want to ask her out, or find someone like her!

I though this was a tasteful, sexy commercial, the same thing I would hope Lane Bryant would want its consumers to feel while wearing their clothes.

The obvious comparison is to Victoria's Secret commercials, whose models, equally gorgeous, are smaller and showing more skin (legs, ass etc)

one of my favorites from 2002

Usually I find myself complaining about this as a Black/White issue (I mean that literally). They generally show White womens' bodies, but never a Black womans' unless its the butt of jokes. We see that full figured White women are also told "no no no" No matter how good they look. You realize how the images you see are controlled by the opinions of others. They tell you what "pretty" or isn't.

Her reply. Well spoken and non-beauty pageant-like.

Read more here

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beyoncé Jumpstarts the 1950's

I just saw her new video "Why Don't You Love Me" , written by my girl Solange

I know we've already seen elements of this video in Beyoncé and Lady Gaga's extended version of Video Phone, but her play on Bettie Paige and the 50's style looks more at home in this conceptual vid.

They could have styled the typography a little more, made it a little more from that era, but only a few of us are going to complain (or care!) once shes starts dancing, gardening, and being Beyoncé. I love the saturated colors and grainy film look, as well as the old school decor.

When I see Beyoncé styled and looking this good, I want to call out from work, gather as many girls as I can from facebook, and start shooting! You can have Mad Men.

Shout out to The Convention for the Bettie Paige photo.

Directors: MELINA & Bee Z
Executive Producer: Beyoncé for Parkwood Pictures
Producer: Dina Ciccotello
Editor: Clark Eddy
DP: Paul Laufer

Times Square Bomber...NOT

I was thinking about the Times Square bomber. This guy really drove a jeep to Times Square and was gonna blow it up!

The bad thing is that I barely paid attention to this story. Its a shame that we only notice evil and tragedy, while we let excellence and bravery to go unnoticed. Black men in jail, or when someone gets shot, its all we can talk about, but not a peep among my friends (online and off) about the horror we managed to avoid.

I realized the magnitude of what could have happened. We would have watched MSN and CNN intently to see all the blood and gore. Listened to who knew what, and how this could have happened. Republicans would have used this against President Obama and he would have taken all the backash for allowing this to happen under his watch.

I have to commend Homeland Security, NYPD and FBI for acting out a real life episode of 24; stopping the bomb, and catching this guy.