Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ashley Graham-Too Big, Too Sexy

I'm a little late writing about this.

Plus sized model Ashley Graham was at the center of controversy when her lane Bryant commercial was banned (well, edited for content) by ABC for being too racy.

Seeing this makes me want to ask her out, or find someone like her!

I though this was a tasteful, sexy commercial, the same thing I would hope Lane Bryant would want its consumers to feel while wearing their clothes.

The obvious comparison is to Victoria's Secret commercials, whose models, equally gorgeous, are smaller and showing more skin (legs, ass etc)

one of my favorites from 2002

Usually I find myself complaining about this as a Black/White issue (I mean that literally). They generally show White womens' bodies, but never a Black womans' unless its the butt of jokes. We see that full figured White women are also told "no no no" No matter how good they look. You realize how the images you see are controlled by the opinions of others. They tell you what "pretty" or isn't.

Her reply. Well spoken and non-beauty pageant-like.

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