Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Boots

I made a poor choice in boots last year when I bought some low top Colombia hiking boots that weren't waterproof and, in retrospect, weren't very stylish. If the opportunity arose to go out after work, I was stuck looking like a 50 year old professor. This is no knock against Colombia, they make great boots for low temperatures, but again, I chose wrong.

So, this year I wanted to change. Yellow Timberland boots are a solid choice; they are water proof, tough, but the suede gets dingy easily, and many places have a dress code against them, and I'm too old to be turned away at the door because of that! I decided to go with leather; its waterproof, you polish it and go, plus you don't have to worry about brushing suede etc.

This year Timberland has release new styles that don't look "Timberland-ish" The Earthkeepers series is made with recycled leather soles and are less of a stigma than regular Timbs.

The Earthkeepers™ City 6" Boot

Earthkeepers™ Collection 6" Boot

I like both of these in brown. They will look good in jeans, and when I have to clean the snow off my car. See more here.