Monday, November 23, 2009

Illustrator: Robert Trujillo

I love good illustration, but its even more satisfying when I see images of people who look like me.

Found this on kissmyblackads by my man Craig

Read more about him here and here

Rhianna = The Devil

I'm not sure where all this Satanic talk came from, but its probably because of her new video and CD single cover.

Rated R is darker than the usual cheery, mass appeal type pop cover, but not so bad. Come on people! A woman puts on some smoky eye make up, wears leather in her video and now she's Satans' concubine? Are people really that gullible?

Current tv....

My friend Bruce put me on to the network I'm sure all of you already knew about. One of the best things about Current is their viewer created content show called Vanguard. After watching a few segments about prostitution around the world, contraband in prison, and encountering Silverback Gorillas, I was hooked.

Current shows InfoMania and Supernews are hilarious takes on pop culture and animated shorts.

Current tv is like early Mtv's younger, more responsible, slightly high brother, who teaches you stuff and makes you laugh at the same time. It like Mtv, the Daily Show, Cnn and a local college channel all rolled into one

Watch some of it here, on you local cable channel, and on Hula

I love how they have embraced tv on the internet and partnered with Hula so you don't miss a thing

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wishing I was There: Beyonce Stage Diving

Even if it was staged for her safety, it was still a gutsy move.

The way most guys feel about Beyonce, added to the general lack of self control among the average man, she'd look like a Puerto Rican Day Parade victim. Thank God this wasn't the case.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Beatport Tees

Beatport released a short line of cool tees.

The site (though I can no longer access it because my Flash is out of date) is one of my favorite house music websites where I can download high quality mp3's and listen to new music.

Too bad its too cold to wear em now. Get em and save it for next April

See more here