Thursday, May 30, 2013

Class 1974 - Gillie Tha Kid

I love these guys. They are always doing something crazy.

Check out the 2013 Hip hop version of Gilligan, Mary Anne, and Ginger, complete with kicks, chains and dope frames.

And yes, I did screw up and not get one of these shirts. When will I learn to pre-order?

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

GQ UK - Portraits of Rappers

Continuing my study of lighting, I found some really nice portraits taken of up and coming music artists for GQ UK magaizne's Spring 2013 “Bigger Than Hip Hop” issue in their style section. My favorites were the ones of A$AP Rocky, r&b singer Miguel and Philly's own Meek Mills, though he looks the most shocked to be there.

I love the pastel background colors and the shadows cast on their faces, especially A$AP Rocky and Miguel. Very masculine. I gotta do some shooting!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

C'mon Vogue - Portraits Of NY Ballroom Scene

Excellent portraits taken by photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders for

These inspire me on how to use lighting and simple backgrounds to showcase the styling and personality of the subject. I would have been worried about the distracting cracks and stains on the walls. I probably would have drove myself crazy trying to retouch them out, but the model's non traditional poses and creative, avant-garde fashions really stand out and grab your attention first.

Original article at

Monday, May 13, 2013

Philadelphia Burger Brawl 2013

Despite my re dedication to working out, I had to attend this years Burger Brawl. It gets me out of the house into the warm weather (staying inside becomes a habit in the winter) and it gives me a chance to test out the hamburgers from some of philly's best restaurants, all in one place.

I was so astonished at the size of the burgers last year, someone must have heard me because this year, there were smaller servings. I brought containers so I could carry home what I couldn't finish, and I didn't need them. Well, its better for my waistline anyway.

I met Philadelphia Daily News style blogger Reuben "Big Rube" Harley, and had great conversation with "my favorite Rapper's photographer" from Fresh about how we would negotiate usage rights with celebrities we'd shot. He had some good ideas for dealing with our imaginary scenarios with Bradley Cooper or Rhianna, like making sure you get rights to joint ownership of the photos, no matter the cost.

Always a pleasure building with business minded people.

One of my favorite places to eat and party, Silk City, won the Jim Beam raffle and owner Mark Bee received a custom guitar. 

Check out Big Rube in the Daily News and his blog