Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 Sixteen

I've seen this brand here and there online as far as T shirts and jeans, but I never knew they had such stylish winter gear. Their Salt & Pepper Field Jacket is sharp as hell, and it separates you from all the standard black leather jacket wearers out there.

I like the military style and (what they say is ) its customizable look. Is it warm enough for this Philly weather? I dunno, but you give me this jacket, a nice scarf, and a French Martini, and I'm the baddest Mutha#$% of all time!


3sixteen's blog.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beyonce-GQ Germany Cover

I'm surprised to find Bey on the cover. Too bad this wasn't the American version. We won't get into why it isn't...

I remember when women on the cover was non-existent, especially a woman of color.

I remember buying this issue. I still have it stored safely away in the basement.

Design-wise, it is interesting watching how GQ magazine made subtle changes in its layout, masthead, and typography.

Look at all 500+ covers till you're dizzy here.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Typefaces: Helvetica

When I started design school, I was initially attracted to the crazy tv show, movie title fonts, or those silly use em only once in a while faces, but that was only lust. My love is truly for the king of the san-serif, Helvetica. Once thought of as the most boring and basic of typefaces, it is now one of my favorites.

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I'm going to find the movie of the same name, Helvetica. I just missed a screening last night. Aarrgghh!

Many design heavyweights all speak on the history of Helvetica, as well as graphic design. I've been much more involved in photography than design lately; I need to get back to my roots.

Helvetica is all around us...



New York

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Creative Like Us: Mary Grace Oania


How long have you been a Photographer?
Basically I'm a freelance photographer. Not something I had planned at all.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama Mini-Parade 2008

I'm forgot about this vid I made as I left work on Election night. People just started walking down market Street with Obama signs and American flags, cheering. I would have had more to show, but my car broke down, so I had to worry about getting home instead of joining in the fun.

My life, boy...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change..Gonna Come...

Sam Cooke

This song used to bring me to tears because it was in the movie Malcolm X, but now it has a new meaning for me: The Obama presidential campaign. I know the song seems to speak of a sad change in life, but I know that Obama represents a change for the better

President of the United States

Words cannot express how I feel. I had always hoped for this day, but I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. America really came out and supported who they thought was the best person for the job.

AS I listened to the vote count I was happy to hear he won Pennsylvania, but I couldn't believe that he won Ohio, or that the Republican vote in Ohio went from 40% in 2004 to 30% this year.

As the night went on, I didn't yell, holler or jump around. I quietly sat and reflected on what this means, how we got here, and all the sacrifices made for hundreds of years for that day to come about

This is only the beginning; there is much work to do.

McCain's speech was one of the best I ever heard him give, and reminded me why I used to like him. Very gracious and honest.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008


One of the most important things I've ever done.

Get out and vote!

Bad Weekend

I was sick this weekend, but I'm going to vote tomorrow come Hell or high water.

This picture keeps making me laugh for so many different reasons

Vote tomorrow!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


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We did it!!

I gotta get one of these now before the value triples

Creative Like Us: Robert Hamada

I wanted to create a feature asking working professionals, whose work I admire, the questions I always wanted to know. I want to know about breaking into the creative industry and its trials and tribulations.

Lets go meet Mr. Hamada!


How long have you been a Photographer?
I’ve been taking pictures seriously for about 7 or 8 years.

Where did you go to school?
Started at Brooks Institute of Photography and graduated from the Art Center in Pasadena majoring in Photo.

How did you get started?
I started out as a graphic designer and art director but my life and career hit a crossroad and I was left with literally nothing. It felt like a chance to do something I thought would let me live a life I could only dream about. So without ever having really taken a picture I made a commitment to myself to become an amazing photographer and enrolled in art school. Sounds crazy looking back at it now.

Coming out of art school I really thought I was going to be like the LeBron James overnight success story because around the time of graduation I did an ad campaign and shot for Nylon and Japanese Vogue. I though it would be made from there on but its been a long hard road since.


So like a lot of photographers I started out assisting established shooters. Fortunately I worked with some of the best in the business and got to see the inside and out of some of the biggest campaigns in the world while at the same time trying to shoot small editorials under my own name. Getting started in this business is one of the hardest things. It’s like going to Hollywood to be an actor. Everyone wants to do it but there are only a select few that make it. And sometimes it doesn’t even matter how good you really are.


What are your influences?
I really believe that everything you’ve ever seen or heard or felt. Anything you’ve ever loved or hated somehow make it into your art.

You as the artist, your personality and vision are the basis and everything experienced influences where you take your work.


Where do you find your inspiration?
Films, art books, fashion magazines, old music, dreams, a pretty girl, a dress, a location… It can really come from anywhere I guess. I get these weird obsessions and do tons of research on it but I am constantly looking at things trying to stay inspired. Once I find that one thing the rest seems to follow.

What was your 1st job like?
It wasn’t quite a “job” but some of my first published pictures came from a road trip I did with a close friend and muse who had modeled for David LaChappelle, Terry Richardson and Chanel. We hit the road for 3-4 days going from LA to Vegas stopping at all of these small towns along the way. Just as we hit Interstate 15 it started snowing, which was very odd, but one of my favorite things about Caroline is that she is such a free spirited exhibitionist. I don’t even think we discussed it, we just both knew and took these beautiful nudes of her in the snow. It was so cold that the emulsion of the film cracked which shows how tough she is. We also snuck into the largest gun store I had ever seen, pretended like we were tourists and did some shots of her in front of these weird taxidermy animals. It was all a lot of fun and I loved the pictures. We did like a 30pg story, which of course was edited down to 12pgs and I was supposed to get paid $200 for it but never saw the money.

Who do you believe helped you on your journey?
I’ve been lucky to have had such great mentors, Paul Jasmin and Carol Leflufy. Some of my closest friends are very talented photographers themselves. It’s helped me tremendously to have people who I can relate to on this level.

What was your biggest success? Your biggest failure?
I hope my biggest successes are yet to come and my biggest failures are already behind me. My career is really just beginning and I feel like I’m still waiting for my big break. Some people see me as being successful but I guess the biggest success is that I’m still chasing the dream and am finding people that can relate to the work. Failure would be me getting a “real job.”


What are 2 things that someone must do to get where you are now?
I talk about this with a lot of photographers from people just starting to people who have been doing well for a while. And we always come to the same conclusions. It seems as though you either need to be well connected or affluent enough to not need to work or be very talented, have a unique vision and have unflinching determination. It’s a tough business and there’s no blueprint to success. And there are different paths, you can get there with your vision but the shortcut is in selling out. You just have to know what’s important to you.

Where do you go from here?
There are lots of magazines and campaigns I’d like to shoot while someday I’d really like to be able to work on a book and a show.

What's the funniest thing about you?
My middle fingers are crooked and so is my spine.

What else do you to for fun?
Finding time for friends is very important. Obsessive youtubing, catching up on sleep, shopping for books, looking through magazines, but right now the most fun I have is still when I’m taking pictures.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Black and Italian

A few weeks ago my Italian Vogue: The Black Issue finally came, courtesy of ebay. The photographer side of me just felt I need to have this.


Thank you luvglamour for not cheating me, and sending a brick instead

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

East New York

Last year there was a New York themed throw pillow I wanted, designed by Grotesk. I loved the various typography and simple back of the comic book type illustrations. It was sold out. I continued to see his work on Upper Playground & other places.

shout out to digital gravel

Check out his work slide show here. His posters and logos have a great use of colors

New Obama T Shirt

While looking at sexy internet model/video vixen Summer Walker, I saw a funny Obama t-shirt, even more than him dunking on McCain.

The Classic RUN DMC Def Jam logo, with a funny twist of what we hope he does this January.

Check out the site and order one here.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I don't watch baseball...

...but you gotta support the home team.

Phillies did it on Wednesday night and the city was in an uproar. Coming home from work at 12am, I dodged people in the streets celebrating & high fives all over the place.

Normally I'm superstitious with sports gear, but even I might have to get a Phillies shirt.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Born Day-A Night To...Uh...

I chilled out all day, took off from work, and reflected on my life and the things I was thankful for, like my improving health and my family.

Then I went out to Silk City with My friend Bruce. Nothing like the Back 2 Basics Band to make me feel good.

Or a Long Island Iced Tea.

This is actually what my vision looked like.

We ran into beautiful Viviane, who I haven't seen since Odundee. She joined right in on our party.

Much to my surprise, my nephew Steven showed up! I couldn't believe it. I'm glad he came.


Man, I really needed that junior hoagie...

My Born Day-Prequel

Last Monday was my birthday, and the reason for me getting off track with my posts. Lets start with last Sunday...


My Friends Carl and Darius took me to one of my favorite restaurants, North 3rd. I can't catch up with Darius much, so any time he can get away is a good time, as shown by his expression.

We went to Vango afterward. I've been before and I love their interior design and the view from the outside deck. I definitely have to see if I can use the area for an upcoming shoot.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Italia Vogue: The Black Issue

2 months later I'm trying to find the now famous Black issue of Italian Vogue (July 2008). It featuring some of my favorite Black models, especially voluptuous Toccara.

More from the blog Glossed Over

Italian Vogue's "Black Issue" Goes Into Reprints

As 10,000 freshly printed copies of the July edition are shipped to newsstands, Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani talked to Reuters about the magazine’s incredibly successful “Black Issue.” This quote, in particular, struck me:

“America ... is ready for a black president, so why are we not ready for a black model?”

Aren’t we ready, though? This issue is the first in Condé Nast’s history to be reprinted to satisfy demand. Ad sales were up 30 percent for this issue, even though many of those same advertisers stuck with white models in their ads. Photographer Steven Meisel, who shot the cover story, says,

“I’ve asked my advertising clients so many times, ‘Can we use a black girl?’ They say no. Advertisers say black models don’t sell.

Right. They don’t sell advertising, which is why these same advertisers snapped up pages in this edition. They don’t sell consumer goods, and it has nothing to do with the product or the ad concept. They don’t sell at the newsstand, but it was Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover of the year’s worst selling issue.

So where does the problem really lie? Looks like America is certainly ready for more diverse models, but are magazines?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Old School + Vinyl


Something about having album art in a big 12 inch square I just like

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NicoStarr Billboard

Well, here it is!

I think we did a great job. Its nice to see the photos we took in the final stage

Visit and see if there's a shirt for you!

Friday, September 12, 2008

NicoStarr T-Shirt Shoot

Trying to catch up on my recent events, I shot some pictures for Nikki and Darius at Nicostarr, and her t shirt company.

I hooked up with them and Nikki's friend Katie on South Street. Seeing your boy as a model is always a funny thing (Zoolander always comes to mind) but I think we did a pretty good job.


Nikki's shirts have that quirky graphics and unusual lines from her favorite movies and other things of interest.


I can't wait to see the ads Nikki designs for the bus stop.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Free Music For Free, No really...

A few weeks ago I found out that one of my favorite music artists, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, has released an online-only album for download called the slip.

Not throwaway songs, no freestyles, but an actual studio produced quality album for free

In this new era of sagging record sales, fluffy pop stars, and ringtone beat rappers, how could he possibly put an album out completely for free? No videos, no magazine promotion and yet everyone knew about it.

On top of that, he was releasing a "limited edition" physical version with a dvd of performances. I think I missed the boat because I can't find it.

Though I downloaded it for free, and love it almost as much as With_Teeth, I still want to buy the actual CD so I can have the artwork from the inside jacket.

Whoever designs for him is lucky; NIN CD packages are usually so out there.

His past albums and remix albums have had an organic, rusted metal feel to go along with the industrial sound. Later albums have a digital-pixeled feel as he seemed to get more into a synthetic piano, instrumental sound.


Year Zero

I'm getting more an more hype the more I talk about it!! Check out the song 1,000,000 Every time I hear this song I feel like I'm in a Nike commercial running 100 miles an hour.

Feel free to rock out with me!!!!

I'm kicking myself for not going to the concert...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Charnéy's Photoshoot #1

Earlier this month I was able to get a hold of Charnéy to shoot some photos before she goes back to school. We had hoped to shoot earlier in the day, but she came late and we didn't have much time. I hate the late summer when the days begin to get short. I did the best I could in the dark.

We shot on Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

I love the energy she brings! Such an actress...

Friday, August 22, 2008

2008 Olympics: Watching the world with no sleep

I have been up till 5am nearly every night looking at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Considering my competitive nature I shouldn't be surprised that I can't tear myself away from watching the athlete's of the world living out their dreams playing against each other.

My main focus was USA Basketball and whether we were going to get our asses handed to us again. Finally, we got players who are more focused. I've been watching swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, diving, track, and enjoying all of the back stories and achievements. Micheal Phelps 8 Gold Medals (didn't the Chinese consider 8 lucky and why they wanted the Olympics this year?), Women's Volleyball getting a 2ND Gold in a row, etc.

I'm going to be sad when it ends

I like how they managed to merge elements of Chinese calligraphy in the official version and the Great Wall into the much complained about NBC logo.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Been away too long!!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I can't believe its been a month. July came in with a bang and I've been busy with a site I'm designing.

I came across this Obama poster from the guys at Morning Breath. I love these guys typography.


Monday, June 23, 2008

The Fly Event 2008

Last Friday, my friend Andrea celebrated her blogs' 2 year anniversary with an event at Vintage Connection, one of her favorite boutiques. She had a nice little turnout, serving goodies and welcoming everyone. I hung out with the ladies, took photos & ate and drank. Too bad they had no mens clothes, but it was a still life goldmine for my camera.


Thanks to the shop owner, Heather and their staff. The decorations were amazing. Andrea took the shop over as many of her friends and blog readers came out to support. See more photos here


Armands Records Closing

Things are rough out here man, especially for the music industry. Its been harder on these mom-pop-non-chain stores. Last month I saw that one of my favorite record stores is closing. Even seeing this sign makes me sad.


I'm sure I'm the only one who is still buying CDs and 12" white labels, especially if I find something I like. I download singles like everyone else, but I enjoy buying an album & having the artwork. I have found so many gems poking around in the crates, and I have listened to the music by the live dj I never would have given the time of day. That was the 1st time I heard an amazing single by Raphael Saddiq, 1st time I heard Mos Def and thought it was The Roots. and too many others to remember.

I'll miss you Armands...

Odunde Festival 2008

If there is one event in the summer I must not miss and look forward to the most, its Odunde. I love the Afrocentric/Caribbean vibe and it attracts the kind of creative, artistic people I don't get a chance to see or meet.

Odunde is the only time I am surrounded by locks and natural hairdos. I love it!


Despite the heat, it was a great crowd. Its a place free of the usual bullshit brought on by those who don't know how to have fun. I also run into people I never expect to see, like my friend Cece from New York. I haven't seen her in years.


She was with her man Nate ,who's a personal trainer, and Shino a designer from New York. When my leg gets better, I'm going to have to try his workout plan.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Time!

Been a little bit since I posted. I got a little behind so lets get started

Its June. Summertime and it came in with a bang of hot weather. Now is the time I get rid of Colombia boots and get some sneakers out.

Hopefully I can cop these reissue of the 1976 Julius Erving leather Converse
Converse Pro Leather 1976

Although I normally don't like all black sneakers, these are too slick to ignore.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The title pretty much sums my feelings about the new gas hike.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and its gotten worse since this photo was taken...