Saturday, September 6, 2008

Free Music For Free, No really...

A few weeks ago I found out that one of my favorite music artists, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, has released an online-only album for download called the slip.

Not throwaway songs, no freestyles, but an actual studio produced quality album for free

In this new era of sagging record sales, fluffy pop stars, and ringtone beat rappers, how could he possibly put an album out completely for free? No videos, no magazine promotion and yet everyone knew about it.

On top of that, he was releasing a "limited edition" physical version with a dvd of performances. I think I missed the boat because I can't find it.

Though I downloaded it for free, and love it almost as much as With_Teeth, I still want to buy the actual CD so I can have the artwork from the inside jacket.

Whoever designs for him is lucky; NIN CD packages are usually so out there.

His past albums and remix albums have had an organic, rusted metal feel to go along with the industrial sound. Later albums have a digital-pixeled feel as he seemed to get more into a synthetic piano, instrumental sound.


Year Zero

I'm getting more an more hype the more I talk about it!! Check out the song 1,000,000 Every time I hear this song I feel like I'm in a Nike commercial running 100 miles an hour.

Feel free to rock out with me!!!!

I'm kicking myself for not going to the concert...

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