Friday, August 30, 2013

My Lens - Bridgit Silva Shoot 2013

I've been wanting to shoot with Bridgit since I met her a couple years ago at a fashion show. I connected again with her when I was assisting another photog, Kory, on a shoot with him.

Since she ran track for her college, I wanted to do something with her amazing legs, and the numerous shoes she owned. The concept was to show her fancy shoes off as if they were featured in a magazine ad or catalog.

Although the focus was on the shoes, I didn't want to ignore her pretty face, so I worked with talented make up artist Denise Rice to give her a look that enhanced her features.

It was hot on the day we shot inside the studio, so the huge fan not only cooled her off, but added some 'drama" to her hair.

I was satisfied with the photos we took, but I suffered some backfocusing issues with my Sigma lens. I heard the beep indicating focus, but some of the photos was "off"  Dammit!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Black Star Film Festival 2013

Over the course of 3 days, I went to the Black Star Film Festival in my home town and was able to see shorts and feature length films made by some of the most talented African American and creative minds of people of color.

I missed it last year when I went to Atlanta, and my girl Andrea designed the logo and signage (go Drea, go!) I was excited to see and participate in discussion panels and just see some works that is different than what I see on tv.

I did some unofficial event photography in order to test out the Canon 60D.

I networked a little with some of the stars and writers.

Stacey Sargeant, (left) write/director of the documentary Though I'm Not Perfect.
Above was the cast/writers of the short Color Me In

See the short here

COLOR ME IN (short film)

The talented director Rashid Zakat

One of the first things I noticed was how much easier it was to capture low light exposures inside when I had more iso settings to choose from. After an hour or so, the new button placement was second nature to me. I loved it.

 I love the natural sistas!

 Marques Green, director of The Bluest Note

The best full length feature I saw was Things Never Said. Dope. Great acting, interesting story, and a little more depth to characters than we normally get in movies. I wish films like this were in national release like Eat Pray Love, and all 12 romantic dramatic comedies that come out every year. I am now a fan of Omari Hardwick

More on the important advice he gave to an audience member later.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Piece

I'm glad that I have my friend Bruce around because he pulls me back from taking in too much pop culture crap and gets me back to my artist roots.

We watched the documentary of performance artist Marina Abramović a couple months ago on Ovation channel, and we were amazed at her unusual work. Now finding out that Jay Z did a performance piece with her was interesting to say the least.

I like how Jay Z is dropping all these artists names and references in his new album. Its better than naming clothing lines and liquors. 

Read more about it at

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fake it Till You Make It - Renting A Camera Body

I've been going back and forth all summer (all year, really) about whether I truly need another camera body, if I need to upgrade etc. I got tired of reading the reviews and listening to opinions so I jumped in and rented the Canon 60D that I've had my eye on for some time now.

I felt that it would have been a good step up in quality and features without spending too much money. I originally wanted the 7D but I felt that was too much without the clientele to justify it.

It was unusual having to find the buttons that I knew how to use, but were in a new location. It is larger and heavier than my little Rebel, even the weird, plastic sounding shutter click annoyed me, but what mattered was how it shot.

I got a chance to test it outside of my house as I went to the Blackstar Film Festival in my next post.