Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Soup Factory Open House

The studio had its open house a couple days ago. It was really nice to make large prints (11x14 for me) and to be able to hang my work up, something I have never done before.

Unfortunately, the event fell on a day when everyone I knew was busy, away on a trip, or otherwise engaged. Even my own mother was in the hospital! She wanted me to show up and be seen, so I still attended. I saw her afterwards and showed her the photos in my phone.

 The essentials.

I got a chance to talk to a few people in "real life" and meet some new faces, like studio mates Nate Middleton and Aaron Stallworth Jr. plus the talented Andrea Harper. Watching Nate retouch in real time was valuable and informative; using some techniques I knew, and some I didn't. Who knew Photoshop's smart sharpen was actually that smart?

Stylist MelSlim Edmond

The most fun was the "unofficial" photographer talk session afterward, where I found out that while our experience and skill levels are different, we are all the same, with the same problems, insecurities, victories and defeats.

We talked gear, lighting, models, business, set backs, guys with cameras, TF, all kinds of stuff.

Times like these are when I am glad that I joined the studio and have a chance to talk with like minded minds, instead of sitting home.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Lens - Rhym Shoot 2013

Rhym and I have not shot together in years, since my first attempt using softbox lighting. The results were okay, but there was a lot I wanted to do that I didn't. I have always wanted to get her back in front of my camera with my newer skills. 
I wanted to practice my portrait lighting, as well as my composition. Rhym was down for some testing, complete with her own assistant (shout out to Chris for his reflector holding skills)

Of course the plan went awry as Rhym and I found other interesting poses and light to capture. I loved how the back lit photo came out.

I still want to shoot Rhym's legendary Ninja Costume in the future. We will see.