Monday, June 23, 2008

Odunde Festival 2008

If there is one event in the summer I must not miss and look forward to the most, its Odunde. I love the Afrocentric/Caribbean vibe and it attracts the kind of creative, artistic people I don't get a chance to see or meet.

Odunde is the only time I am surrounded by locks and natural hairdos. I love it!


Despite the heat, it was a great crowd. Its a place free of the usual bullshit brought on by those who don't know how to have fun. I also run into people I never expect to see, like my friend Cece from New York. I haven't seen her in years.


She was with her man Nate ,who's a personal trainer, and Shino a designer from New York. When my leg gets better, I'm going to have to try his workout plan.

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