Thursday, June 30, 2011

KING Magazine June 2011 - Amber Rose Cover

When I see Amber Rose, 3 thoughts come to mind...

I have yet to hear Amber Rose's voice. I have never heard her talk in 2 years.

How did she is stay famous without Kanye, and without ever doing anything other than modeling.

Why does she look disinterested in some of her photos? Like she's going through the motions, but doesn't really care.

I swore off KING when they switched from an editorial mag to a pictorial one. KING was our "Black GQ" and I was angry with its loss...and yet I still couldn't stay away from this book.

Once I saw the photos inside I had to have it. I loved the slightly overexposed lighting and the natural looking muted make up. This was shot by photographer Charlie Langella, and he really brought the best of out of her. This shoot was very different than most of the photo sets I've seen of her. She looks adorable and sexy without the usual pin up girl "posing."

Ok Amber, you got my attention again!

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