Sunday, March 10, 2013

Artist Mixer 2013 - MUAs

Funny I still felt nervous walking in, like entering a high school lunchroom with the cool kids. The last mixer I attended, I was hesitant and distracted. This time I feel more like myself. Being at these events makes me want to try harder to do more of my art, and fight for it through the regular job grind.

I came out to see Bethany Bell's work, and get inspired from the creativity in the place.
Model Eliza (left) was more attractive in real life than on facebook.

 I ran into the usual suspects; talented photographers Jasen, Aaron, Nik C, Joshua Black, Larry Wright, Andrea Harper, and I met another photog Kyron of DVS photography (who tried to hide!)
Social lubricant was also a help!

The best part of the night was talking with a new stylist and Joshua about reality tv, creating a better photography reality show, the mistake of buying too much equipment, it went on and on!

Check out the work of:

Jasen Hudson
Larry Wright 
Aaron Stallworth
Joshua Black
Nik C 
DVS Photography
Bethany Bell
Andrea Harper

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