Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Lens: Kate Jacobs

So, after scouting the place out yesterday, today was the shoot! Despite running behind as usual, I got good ass parking and met Kate there. She was as friendly and personable as I remember, which was good considering that the last time I saw her was New Years Eve 2010. I had reached out to her with the idea on facebook, but we couldn't coordinate schedules.

After talking for a few minutes, she began to display the personality and sense of humor that inspired me to do this shoot last year. Kate is hilarious.

Since this was my first shoot of the year, I added another "first" by story boarding the shoot out, a suggestion I learned watching a Matthew Jordan Smith Workshop months ago. I created it last minute while I looked at my prep photos from Friday. I wanted to showcase Kate's, and some of the Margot & Camille Optique's, frames in beauty and editorial style look.

I usually keep that stuff in my head, but storyboarding it out was a really good idea. I didn't stick to it exactly, but it really helped to remind me of what my original ideas were, and what to do next. It helped me focus between talking to Kate, thinking about camera settings, and dodging customers who were shopping while were were shooting.

These were a couple of the images. More to come!

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kaya casper said...

the third one is a really nice editorial shot. time to start selling on stock photo sites!