Monday, October 4, 2010

My Pre Birthday Party 2010

I didn't want to have a party.

If I had a party and no one showed up I would have been very disappointed (like last year). I was convinced to throw my 1st ever adult birthday "get together" and have a few close friends over to drink, chill out, and lessen the blow of turning 30++

I subcontracted out for food; my friend Bruce flexed his culinary muscles on hamburger sliders, my sister and my ex-girlfriend contributed many dishes that were delicious!

I handled the drink menu. I served an Apple Martini, Long Island Iced Tea and two other mixes. Originally I wanted to have a different drink every hour, but as the guests numbers increased, I followed Carl's suggestion that I enjoy myself, instead of "working" at my own party.

Good advice!

I was also resident DJ, playing a mix I created (and borrowed! Shout out to Lee Jones, Davidson Ospina and Oscar P for hooking my party up!) I had so much fun!

I was really glad that my beautiful cousin Morgan (between my two nephews) was able to come up from Florida. I wish she brought some of her model girlfriends with her!

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