Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inspiration for Getting Back in the Saddle

I'm thinking about planning some shoots for next month when I'm on vacation from my day job, and I found some inspiring words to motivate me. I think this works for graphic design as well as photography.

I can't help but to smile when I read this. 

I am usually the voice of this poster to when friends ask me for advice, but I've found that I need it myself. Even before my health problems of last year, I found myself allowing the unknown, speed bumps, and uncertainty to get in the way of the creative process, or planning and executing photo shoots with models that I want to shoot with. I want a new start. I want to be more effective, to get rid of old habits that don't work and behavior that keeps me from progressing.

So I will be Fucking reading this poster whenever I am in doubt or or feel myself slipping back into old Fucking habits.

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Afro Vaidosas said...

For sure made me smile. I'll come back to this post