Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Lens - Paloma Shoot #2

This was more of a mini shoot that I was able to beg, borrow and plead to make it happen.

Everything was going wrong today (like on many shoots). Off work at the wrong time, no make up artist, etc, but I was able to get Paloma over on her way to dinner to help me test out the Tamron 17-50mm lens I rented. I'd much rather shoot a real live person than a still life set up.

I've spent my entire dslr "career" using a 28mm or a 50mm, so it was so weird having so much room at 17mm.

I found myself zooming in around 30mm+ on some shots just out of habit. 17-20mm was pretty good for whole body shots, something I normally had to back up to do. I still need practice with composition.

Paloma was a lot of fun posing for me as I got used to my new lens. I liked how it performed, its speed, and the image quality.

I will post the edited ones soon.

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