Monday, October 22, 2012

Manayunk Food Fest 2012

Ever since I began watching Food Truck Race, and other programs on the Food Network, I've been dying to try more of these exclusive cuisines, so I was happy when I heard about this festival right near me in Manayunk. It was a great day for it weather wise, and I expected to see an army of trucks waiting for me to visit them.

Unfortunately there were a few problems. First, the trucks themselves were spread out so far that damn near each one was a 2-4 block trek to get to.
Second, the lines! it was like going to an amusement park ride waiting for food. But I expected that.

Third, other restaurants were still open! so you're walking down the sidewalk, dodging other people (and their dogs or strollers, groan...) and maneuvering between people sitting outside.

So by the time I scoped out the place and stood in line, I only got to try two places.

Spot Burger, which was good.
and Jimmies Cakes (not pictured), which feature amazing cupcakes with names of famous "James" (Lebron James, James T Kirk, James Bond)

It was nice getting out and getting some exercise (a whole lot!) but I left the festival wanting it to be better.

And people, please keep your dogs away from me while I am eating!

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