Friday, April 18, 2008

Back 2 Basics

I've been on a house music kick lately. I had to satisfy my urge to it really loud, so last week I went to Silk City for the back2basics night, one of the only places I can hear good house music, without me having to play it.

I picked a good night; Ant (NoizeTrip) was there promoting his party. Ursula Rucker, poetess supreme, was there. Rich Medina from the IIllvibe Collective (one of the few people who play house I like) was trippin (in a good way), and was about 7 feet tall. ?uestlove showed up & got on the drums with the band. I didn't even recognize Bilal . until I heard his vocals later during the bands' set!

With all these surprise guests-slash-legends, it was a pretty good for a Monday night.

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