Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11*1*11 - Overcoming anixety and New Beginnings

So many "ones" today, it might as well be the beginning of something...

Thank you to whoever stuck with me (and the blog) during my troubled times. My health problems seem to be on the decline, which is good, because then I can concentrate on getting outside, shooting some interesting subjects, and living my life to make interesting blog posts.

You would think that being cooped up in the house I would have had dozens of posts, but my heart wasn't in posting for the sake of posting, and I didn't want this space to be used as a "dear diary" type of thing. I was under so much strain from anxiety, it was all I could do to remain "normal".

I will speak about my experiences at a later date; I want to use them to help others who are looking for answers like me.

I will recap more things that I neglected to post about in the coming weeks.

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