Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Lens: Andrea Powell

I became so busy in June that I didn't post about one of my shoots. I'm just so happy that its summer and I'm feeling better!

Anyway, I met Andrea last year at the Scripted Designs Couture De Passe Fashion Show (I can't believe I didn't blog about that!). I thought of a concept that might work for her young, cute, girl-next-door look.

I wanted a kind of "lookbook" theme, posing and walking down the street. I presented it to her and she agreed. I only wish I could have shot more outfits, but we could only do so much on-location.

I drove a thousand miles to reach her in Doylestown and we patrolled their "downtown" area and found some interesting places, like this museum/library, and shot.

 It was funny, meeting for the first time and shooting. I tried to talk, but not too much, to ease any nervous feelings she may have had. I had my trusty shoot drawings to help guide her through my ideas.

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