Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vacation 2012 - Atlanta

I finally made it back to Atlanta, Georgia while I was on vacation last week. I haven't been back since Freaknik 1997, and that was a long time ago. I was excited to see the city and what new things they had to offer without police telling you to move on.

I went with my friend and adversary Carl Smith and stayed with his sister.

The flight down there i just knew I was gonna die; the turbulence was terrible and all I could think of was the plane tearing in half like on my favorite show, Lost.

After I landed, gathered myself, and bet up with Carl, the first thing I noticed about Atlanta is how far everything is from downtown. Its a 30-45min drive to get to his sister's house, and to the clubs, bars etc.

I found myself taking more and more photos with my iphone for Instagram purposes. I now regret this because I have used up way too much of my data for the month.

 I'm used to the country from traveling to see my relatives in Maryland, but Atl homes have such expansive properties, its mind blowing! Look at all this yard Carl's sister has.

We went to this amazing social area called Atlantic Station that is a collection of clothing stores, restaurants, bars, a park and lots of underground parking. It was great! Its like Olde City, the Piazza, King of Prussia and Manayunk Main Street all in one!

Carl and I doing what we do best, eatin and drinkin!

More photos coming once I get them off of instagram.

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