Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Almost Didn't Happen: Odunde 2009

I really look forward to Odunde, the 1st major summer gathering event where I can see Afrocentric people, items, food and artwork, but this year it was almost cancelled dude to the recession. I was worried until they came through with a deal at the end and made it happen.

They had obtained more corporate sponsorship this year. It was unusual seeing Sunny Delight and TNT tents there, but I was willing to deal with it so I could have the event I can't live without.

I was glad that THT was not only promoting their new show (with rarely seen on tv Jada Pinkett-Smith) HawthoRNe, but they also provided free health screenings. Black people tend not to visit the doctor as often as they should and ignore health problems till the very end, so I welcomed any chance for people to check their weight, sugar level and body mass index.

Not surprisingly I was overweight.

They had a Wii for little kids to play, and activities like line dancing in the other tents. It took all my strength not to go over there and play that Jedi Knight game.

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