Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sundae at the Piazza

I am so glad that Andrea sent me an invite to this event. I've seen the new apartment complex and I wish I could live there. Northern Liberties seems to be where many artistic things are developing; galleries, studios, and the type of people who create them

This was just what I needed:

A sunny day
Free Parking
?uestlove on the turntables playing amazing old and new house music
Pretty ladies.

The vibe was cool, friends, family and children of all races playing and partying together. Hula Hoops abound.

Yahmean and ?uest

You always know you're in the right place when the Noize Tripp Fellas show up...

...and meeting Geneka from BK and Andrea.

I met writer, producer, and photographer Summer Lott

...And then watched Game 3 of the Finals on the big screen!

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thatdudedave said...

that place looks too cool...wish all events could look like that