Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Times Square Bomber...NOT

I was thinking about the Times Square bomber. This guy really drove a jeep to Times Square and was gonna blow it up!

The bad thing is that I barely paid attention to this story. Its a shame that we only notice evil and tragedy, while we let excellence and bravery to go unnoticed. Black men in jail, or when someone gets shot, its all we can talk about, but not a peep among my friends (online and off) about the horror we managed to avoid.

I realized the magnitude of what could have happened. We would have watched MSN and CNN intently to see all the blood and gore. Listened to who knew what, and how this could have happened. Republicans would have used this against President Obama and he would have taken all the backash for allowing this to happen under his watch.

I have to commend Homeland Security, NYPD and FBI for acting out a real life episode of 24; stopping the bomb, and catching this guy.

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