Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lost in Translation - Aputure Trigmaster

I was looking to add another receiver to my el cheapo ebay set, but I was concerned about quality control; when I bought another receiver, they changed the size of the plug on me ( 3mm to 6.3 mm). It was easy to get an adapter from Radioshack, but I didn't like the extra effort I had to go through.

A few months ago, I heard about Aputure Trigmaster wireless flash triggers. They seemed interesting and had a lot of features; the Trigmaster Plus is a transmitter and receiver in one. The price was also pretty good for me, since I don't mind telling you I cannot afford the PocketWizards, the industry standard.

However, It wouldn't be my life if it didn't contain some drama. I ordered these 3 packages (above) from a company in China in January. By early February, I still hadn't received them yet. US Secret Service must've confiscated them or something. Fortunately, their customer service dept was on the case, and despite contacting them with the time difference (day and night) I notified them and they resent the order.

I was so glad that the Trigmasters are backwards compatible; that enabled me to use the Trigmaster with the Trigmaster Plus model, so now I have 2 transmitters and 3 receivers. Yes!

So far, I've tested them doing some lighting practice, with my Lumopro Flash head. I was glad not to have to run back and forth to the camera so much.

Yeah...I'm still practicing!

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