Friday, August 30, 2013

My Lens - Bridgit Silva Shoot 2013

I've been wanting to shoot with Bridgit since I met her a couple years ago at a fashion show. I connected again with her when I was assisting another photog, Kory, on a shoot with him.

Since she ran track for her college, I wanted to do something with her amazing legs, and the numerous shoes she owned. The concept was to show her fancy shoes off as if they were featured in a magazine ad or catalog.

Although the focus was on the shoes, I didn't want to ignore her pretty face, so I worked with talented make up artist Denise Rice to give her a look that enhanced her features.

It was hot on the day we shot inside the studio, so the huge fan not only cooled her off, but added some 'drama" to her hair.

I was satisfied with the photos we took, but I suffered some backfocusing issues with my Sigma lens. I heard the beep indicating focus, but some of the photos was "off"  Dammit!!

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