Friday, May 11, 2012

Leaked Night At The Five Spot

If you are lucky, there is a creative and fun event, created and maintained by gathering of like minded people going on in your city that all the "in" people know about. It could be focused on politics, food, music, sport etc and the results are amazing. If you are really lucky, you have had the chance to attend or be a part of something like this from beginning, middle or end.

I, however, was not lucky.

The Black Lily open mic night at the Five Spot was an event that I always took for granted because I thought, in my youth as all young people do, that it would last forever. A who's who of neo-soul (or soul) artist from the late 1990's and the early/mid 2000's sang there. When it burned down in 2007, I missed my chance.

The good people at ReelBlack created a documentary called Leaked Night At The Five Spot from the footage of the jam sessions and interviews with the artists. I couldn't attend (damn night job!) but I bought the DVD and I look forward to watching what I missed years ago.

Read more about ReelBlack and purchase the dvd.

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Reelblack said...

Thanks 4 tha luv. How'd u like the DVD?