Monday, May 14, 2012

My Lens: Kaya Casper

While I was on vacation last month, one of my priorities was to shoot with Kaya again. The last time we shot, I just got some studio lights (el cheapos), and I didn't know what I was really doing. Some of the photos came out great, but like anything you don't practice at, the rest were inconsistent with exposure, focus etc. ruining many of them.

I wanted to shoot her with better results, so we hooked up last month for a short test session.
It was fitting that I test out my new strobe I bought from Calumet, more powerful than both my old lights combined. I want to explore using one studio light and umbrella to light my subjects.

We took some liberties (I wasn't looking to duplicate it) and I think it came out good. What resulted was an image that reminded me of an1600 English Victorian style portrait painting. Kaya's slight smile and expression gives off that knowing, regal look.

The inspiration for the shoot was this black and white image I found on I loved the woman expression, cropping, and I thought Kaya could pull this concept off (sans see-thru top).

 Read about Kaya's adventures and artwork at

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