Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Music: Kendra Morris

I find good music in the darndest places. I was watching a retouching video on youtube by Dodge of EMG Studios, learning how to get better at it (I attended a very valuable workshop from him in 2011) and I couldn't help but notice the music playing in the background. I watched the video 3 times for the retouching and 4 more times for the song.

He told me it was called Concrete Waves by an UK artist by the name of Kendra Morris. Much to my surprise, the song was already a year old. I was drawn to the James Bond sounding guitar and her light but breathy vocals.

Turns out she's signed to Wax Poectic's record label. Who knew a magazine had a label and released music?

 It amazes me the way some UK artists (ok I'll say it, White girls!) sound so good by taking a chance making soulful music, while vocalists doing the same thing here in the states struggle getting heard, or abandon it all together. Some may not call it soul, and maybe the rest of her album might not be, but that is how I feel when I listen to this.

I hate missing out on something good, especially with the state of current rhythm and blues music: rapper singing, singers rapping, every song having a techno-y, electro-euro thing. I shake my head.

A year old or not, this will be a welcome addition to my ipod rhythm and blues 2012 folder. 

Aaand...there is a Dj Premier remix!

Kendra Morris “Concrete Waves” on Vimeo.

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