Friday, November 9, 2012

Photoshoot Practice: Kids

Fresh off of my One Light, Two Light Workshop and my head filled with new information and techniques, I decided to take advantage of all of my grand nephews (my nephews kids, right?) coming over for dinner to practice some lighting. I also wanted to make the same spur of the moment adjustments without taking a long time. I used my Lumopro 160 manual flash, set up a shoot-thru umbrella and I went to town.

Like most photographic things, shooting kids isn't easy! Especially when you have parents, grandparents, and distractions in the background. This was practice after all , so I had a chance to see what works in terms of directing kids, and directing the parents (my family) to shut the hell up!

I worked to push past the lighting "look" where I normally would have stopped and been satisfied; to keep trying until I get the look I want, checking my histogram as I went. 

 Although kids try to follow your directions, they create their own random moments that end up being adorable to hilarious. That goes for the parents as well.


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