Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wax Poetics Magazine Covers- Lenny And Sade

Sometimes surfing online and not shooting and editing is bad, but it pays off when I find something I think is inspirational.

I stumbled across these alternate covers for Wax Poetics Magazine, featuring Lenny Kravitz and the always beautiful Sade. I know these photos are actually older; Lenny doesn't have locks anymore and Sade definitely looks younger, but I still really liked them and will absorb them into my "looks to do" folder in my mind.

I love the personality that comes through these photos, as well as the light. Lenny's eyes are calm, Sade surprised.

I like to try to figure out the set up to recreate the look. Lenny's set up is probably one light (softbox) and a nice reflector on camera right. Sade has a flattering beauty dish or two florescent lights (with a reflector underneath) giving her face that glow. I would love to get my missing friend Kaya for a look like this.

I guess I'm around too many perfect photos because I'm really surprised they did not retouch out Sade's fly away hairs. I find them distracting, but hey, is Sade and if you're looking at her hair instead of that face, then you have larger problems.

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